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Steiff 1906 Replica - 50cm

Steiff 1906 Replica - 50cm

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Limited Edition of 906 worldwide

This beautiful 1906 replica measures the impressive size of 50 cm. A magnificent bear made from the finest mohair in a light brown colour and fully jointed his paw pads are made from smart beige felt.

All large bears made around this time were filled with 'wood shavings' - as is this beautiful Replica which has to be made by specialist trained workers.

The moment you lay your eyes on this splendid teddy bear, you'll understand why it's highly sought after by collectors. Its unique head and face are a testament to the unparalleled artistry that defines Steiff's legacy. The round face features a generous snout, with the mouth and nose carefully hand-stitched using a delicate dusky pink thread. Remarkably, the embroidery from the nose and mouth seamlessly connects with just a few gentle threads, showcasing the precision and artistry that went into its creation. The large, shiny black eyes are crafted from wood, staying true to the bears of 1906 and lending a touch of nostalgia to this replica.

Surface washable. White label with famous Steiff 'underscored' patinated steel button in the ear, just as the original bear found in the archives has.

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